JHP is an IRS 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization which seeks to come together to share our different cultures through traditional music and dance performances, workshops and classes.

Who We Are


JHP Board Members

JHP Volunteer Staff

Akwasi Asare            

Board Chair (Founding Member)                 

2013 - Present

Eben Pobee

President (Founding Member)

2013 - Present

Philip Attipoe       

Vice President - JHP Operations (Founding Member)            

2013 - Present

Maggie Fimia                             

Board Advisor                                     


Rosemary Melomey

Board Member

Fundraising & Grants

2016 - Present

Tyna Mensah              

Operations Committee member                   

2015- Present


Fund-Raising Chair                                

2015- Present

Araba Sey                                          


2015- Present

Eben Pobee

President & Artistic Director (Founding Member)

2013 - Present


Philip Attipoe       

Vice President of JHP Operations (Founding Member)            

2013 - Present

Charles Armah

Artistic Coordinator & Master Drummer 

2013 - Present

Harriet Pobee


2013 - Present


Promise Addae

                    Public Relations Officer

     2013 - Present


Salomey Muyaka

Public Relations Officer

2014 - Present


Juliana Asare


2013 - Present


Priscilla Asare

Event Organizer

2013 - Present

Our Vision

Our Goal


That all individuals and different cultures will be valued regardless of their race, gender, country of origin and ethnicity when we understand each other. There are many ways to do this. JHP believes that music, specifically rhythms, are a universal and ancient language that has the power to unite us.

Work with colleges, high schools, civic and government organizations to develop, organize and implement performance-based programs that educate and unite us through cultural understanding and exchange of ideas.

1. Building communities from the bottom up.

2. Strengthen community through mutual respect & understanding, personal dignity & growth.

3. Understanding and honoring our cultural heritage.

Our Values


Just Humanitarian Project (JHP) Legacy is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization, based in the city of Shoreline, led by first generation African immigrants, who are accomplished musicians, performers, and artists and call King County their home.  

JHP was founded in 2013 by Eben Pobee, Akwasi Asare, and Philip Attipoe, who wanted to share their passion for music, dance, and all cultural arts to under served communities.

JHP is fully volunteer run with 6 key individuals who oversee all planning for community workshops and events.  The two main points of contact are Eben Pobee, a city of Shoreline resident, artist, performer and event planner and Philip Attipoe, JHP Board member and Operations Committee Chair, and former president of the Ghanaian Association of Greater Seattle. Eben, a finance analyst for Pierce County, has a 4 year degree in Performing Arts and has successfully hosted 6 community festivals. In 2013, Eben began the celebrated multicultural festival at Concordia University in Portland while he was a graduate student obtaining an MBA in Finance. Philip Attipoe, an engineer for Amazon, is very knowledgeable and experienced in the local arts and music culture, having managed several local bands including Atsimevu Band, which performs at Folk Life and the Spirit of West Africa festival.

  1. Traditional Dance Night – Brings together performers from different cultures and through stories,    rhythms, movements and songs, engages and teaches the audience about the connections between rhythms, life and humanity.

  2.  Provide support, training, workshops & performances that engage students, teachers and members of the public in traditional drum, dance and songs from around the world.

Our Strategies